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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which is commonly known as PTI is a centrist political party of Pakistan which was Created by the famous cricket legend, Imran Khan. He is not just a former cricket captain, heartthrob of the nation, but also a philanthropist. The party was created to bring down the status-quo and advocates a modern model of Islamic democratic welfare state. PTI is created to bring a change and supports revolutionary ideologies which aim for a NAYA PAKISTAN.

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PTI takes immense pride in its being the only party which does not function on dynastic politics and is Non family party. It has more than 10million members in Pakistan and abroad and is perhaps the largest Party by membership. The 2013 elections results depicted how PTI stormed to the third position as the the largest party and emerged as the second largest party in Punjab and Karachi. This was a serious blow for the PML N and MQM who have for years ruled Lahore and Karachi respectively. PTI was the winner Kyber Pakthunkhwa which had always been monopolized by the governments of Awami National Party. The 2013 elections clearly resulted in PTI emerging as the second most popular party in the country.

PTI was founded by Imran Khan on 25th April in 1996 in Lahore. It was founded initially as a source Political movement. Its first central executive committee was formed under the control of Imran Khan and Naeemul Haque, Ahsan Rasheed, Hafeez Khan etc. PTI began to grow at a very slow pace and did not Achieve immediate popularity. In 1999, the constitution of PTI was approved by the Central Executive Committee and in 2002, October, Imran Khan ran for the office of National Elections.He became the Member of the Parliament for Mianwali which is also his hometown. Imran and his party has been Deeply critical of the entire political system of Pakistan. The PTI rejects political order as corrupt, Inefficient and against the basic principles of Pakistan. In protest to the corrupt regimes, PTI began its Grassroots campaigns to increase the awareness about his political party and also politicize the forlorn Masses.

The 2008 elections were boycotted by PTI and during the rule of PPP and Zardari the popularity of Khan And his political party PTI heightened to new heights. PTI promised to create a Pakistan which is the self Reliant and sovereign, free from debt and truly independent and also free from the tyrannical rule of the Elites and feudal lords.

PTI Mission

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf agenda is built upon the visions of Iqbal and Jinnah. It seeks for a modern Islamic republic that the advocate’s individual’s welfare. PTI major aims are political, economical and social Stability for all religious, ethnic communities residing within Pakistan. The rule of Law is the most sought Principle in the mission of PTI. Establishment of a strong accountability and anti-corruption structure is also a very important part of PTI’s agenda

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